Tyla drops her first album of the year 

Tyla drops her first album of the year 

Tyla, the Grammy award-winning artist, Tyla drops her first album of the year titled “TYLA”. The album features a star-studded list of musicians including Tems, Travis Scott, Gunna, and more. The album boasts a total of 14 tracks that are sure to captivate the audience with its unique blend of genres.  However, it was released on Friday, March 22, 2024, and has been highly anticipated by fans worldwide. It is expected to be a huge success, and fans are eagerly waiting to hear Tyla’s latest work of art.

In 2023, the South African artist released a song titled “Water” which quickly became a sensation in the music industry. The song’s popularity soared across various social media channels, especially TikTok, where it became one of the most used sounds. Not only did the song gain massive popularity in Africa, but it also won the hearts of international fans. The song’s success propelled the artist’s career to new heights, leading to a Grammy Nomination and an Award. The song’s lyrics, which touch on themes of resilience, hope, and perseverance, resonated with many people worldwide, making it a fan favourite.

Tyla drops her first album of the year called “TYLA”

These are the following Tyla album songs

  1. Intro (with Kevin Momo) 
  2. Safer 
  3. Water 
  4. Truth or Dare 
  5. No. 1 (Featuring Tems) 
  6. Breathe Me 
  7. Butterflies 
  8. On and on 
  9. Jump (with Gunna and Skillibeng)
  10. ART
  11. On my body (with Becky G) 
  12. Priorities 
  13. To last 
  14. Water Remix (with Travis Scott) 

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Tyla’s latest album has created a storm on social media and fans have been eagerly anticipating its release. The album is a culmination of months of hard work and dedication, and Tyla’s followers are excited to finally hear the results. The album promises to be a masterpiece, with Tyla’s signature style and unique blend of genres. Fans are already raving about the lead single, and the anticipation for the rest of the album is at an all-time high. The wait is finally over, and Tyla’s fans can now immerse themselves in the magic of her newest musical creation.


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