Davido warns the American Streamer Kai Cenat of dangers in Lagos

Davido's Convoy Warn Kai Cenat

The fans and world were confused, as Davido’s convoy called American Streamer Kai Cenat to warn him while going to a studio with Shanks Comics on stream. The African artist told Kai not to go to their destination, saying that it was not safe.

Nigerian actor and comedian Adesokan Emmanuel, aka Shanks Comics, gave his American colleague, Kai Cenat, a warm welcome when he arrived in Nigeria. He was seen to have a lot of fun with him while also giving him a Nigerian Name.

He was surrounded by a crowd who came to welcome him to Nigeria, and they were shouting his new name, “Femi Omo Werey. “The YouTuber smiled and laughed among the crowd, amazed at the reception he received.


Today, Shanks expressed his feelings that he spent a lot of money to set the whole thing up just for Davido to tell Kai Cenat the location is unsafe.

The video of Davido’s Convoy Warning Kai Cenat is given below.

Davido’s convoy warn Kai Cenat


Fans on Twitter have blamed Davido for acting out this way; why did they warn Kai of the dangers through Shanks that was taking the streamer there? Some of the popular tweets about it are;


Kai Cenat’s security comes first, Shank of all people should understand that. If Davido’s convoy says the location isn’t safe, that’s more than enough reason to make a U-turn without questions & cancel wherever plans have been made. Everyone is trying to defend Shank but if something unfortunate happens, Davido will be blamed (like always). A convoy already attracts unnecessary attention, & u can’t guarantee anyone’s 100% safety in Nigeria right now. It’s becoming more clear that this is about shooting content for cl¤ut & not just helping a school otherwise this shouldn’t be a problem.

Another Twitter user said


Shank said he spent a lot of money to set the whole thing up just for Davido to tell Kai Cenat the location is noť safe. I honestly feeł bad for Shank

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