Kizz Daniel Releases New EP titled “TZA”

Kizz Daniel Releases New EP titled "TZA"

Kizz Daniel, a popular Nigerian artist who goes by the nickname “Vado,” has just released the highly anticipated EP of the year 2024, TZA. The abbreviation stands for “Thankz Alot,” reflecting the artist’s gratitude towards his fans. The EP consists of four tracks that have been highly anticipated by fans from all over the world. Interestingly, all of the tracks were performed solely by the Nigerian superstar without any featured artists. 

“Twe Twe” stands out as one of the most popular tracks on TZA, sparking a social media frenzy since its release earlier this year. Content creators, dancers, and fans alike have enthusiastically embraced the song, with numerous TikTokers showcasing their “Twe Twe” dance moves. To elevate its popularity further, the track received a remix featuring one of Nigeria’s biggest artists, Davido, which became a massive hit among fans.

Apart from “Twe Twe,” TZA features other amazing tracks like “Sooner,” “Showa,” and “Too Busy To Be Bae.” Fans can easily download these tracks by clicking on the song titles below. Overall, Kizz Daniel’s TZA is a testament to the artist’s exceptional talent and creativity and is a must-listen for all music lovers.

Kizz Daniel TZA (Thankz A lot) Tracks 

These are the following TZA album-ep songs


We highly recommend downloading this amazing EP; it has a different blend of style and tone.


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