“Iwaju” is a TV miniseries set in a futuristic Lagos, Nigeria. It is an animated sci-fi show about two friends from different worlds. The show explores themes of class, innocence, and challenging the status quo in a unique and comic-style way. The two friends uncover hidden secrets and dangers threatening their lives through their journey.

The show creators have taken great care to create an immersive and detailed world for viewers to enjoy. They have paid close attention to Nigeria’s cultural nuances and the show’s futuristic elements. The animation is top-notch and brings the world to life in a captivating and visually stunning way.

“Iwaju” is a must-watch for anyone who loves sci-fi, animation, or a good story. It offers a fresh take on the genre and will leave viewers wanting more. The series was released on February 28, 2024, and has garnered much attention from fans and critics alike.

The Full Trailer Of The Series

Cast: Dayo Okeniyi, Siji Soetan, Simisola Gbadamosi, Weruche Opia, Femi Branch

Maturity Rating: Rated TV-PG

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Kids

Where Can I Watch Iwaju

Since its debut in February 2024, the series has been available for streaming on Disney+. Fans of the show can enjoy all six thrilling episodes. With stunning visuals and masterful storytelling, this series is sure to captivate audiences of all ages and leave them wanting more.

How to Download Iwaju

The Naijverse team has made season 1 of Iwaju available on our Telegram channel. Additionally, you can join our channel to discover other movies and series we offer exclusively for you.

Download Iwaju Season 1

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To sum it up, Iwaju is one of the best-animated series of the year. If you watch it, you will not be disappointed. If you are a movie buff, please visit our website often to stay up-to-date with the latest movies and TV series. Keep yourself informed about all the latest releases!


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