Ckay, Olamide – Wahala

Ckay ft. Olamide - Wahala

Nigerian artist Ckay has recently ft. with popular Nigerian rapper Olamide Badoo to release a new single titled “Wahala.” The song was released on various music platforms and has been well-received by fans of both artists. The lyrics touch on themes of love, relationships, and the challenges that come with them.

The upbeat tempo and catchy chorus make it a perfect addition to any party playlist. Overall, the collaboration between Ckay and Olamide Badoo has resulted in a successful and enjoyable piece of music for their fans.

Where Can I Stream Ckay ft. Olamide – Wahala

You can stream this song on the following music platforms; Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Boomplay, iTunes Store, Tidal, YouTube Music, Audiomack, Deezer, and Amazon Music. Click Here to listen on any of these streaming platform above

To listen to this song, click play below

Download Ckay, Olamide – Wahala MP3

Once you click the link below, you can enjoy the song’s melody filling the air around you. Let the music transport you to another world, where the lyrics resonate with your soul and the rhythm moves your spirit. Embrace each note as it weaves a tapestry of emotions and memories. Allow yourself to be immersed in the beauty of the song, letting it uplift your mood and bring you joy. So take a moment for yourself, and let the music guide you.

Download Ckay ft. Olamide – Wahala MP3


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