Major Characters in Henry Danger: Then and Now 2024

Major Characters in Henry Danger

For many of us who grew up watching “Henry Danger,” it’s a show we loved on Nickelodeon. We might wonder how the major characters in Henry Danger look now, years after the show ended. In this article, we’ll remind you about each character and show you pictures of how they look today compared to before.

Let’s start with Henry Hart, played by Jace Norman. He’s probably grown a lot since his time as a teenage superhero. Then there’s Cooper Barnes, who played Captain Man. He’s likely still as charming as ever, just a bit older now.

Riele Downs, who was Charlotte Page, may have moved on to other things but will always be remembered for her intelligence and humour. Sean Ryan Fox, who played Jasper Dunlop, might still make people laugh with his funny antics.

Ella Anderson, who portrayed Piper Hart, has probably grown up a lot, but we’ll always think of her as the sassy little sister. And Michael D. Cohen, who brought Schwoz to life, might still have that quirky accent and inventive spirit.

As we wait to see how they’ve changed, one thing’s sure: “Henry Danger” will always be a particular part of our memories, no matter where life takes the cast next. So, below is how the central characters in Henry Danger look now compared to before.

Henry Hart/Kid Danger: The Major Character in Henry Danger


Henry Hart, played by Jace Norman, is the cool teenage superhero in the popular Nickelodeon show “Henry Danger.” He’s just a regular high school kid, but he also has this secret identity as Kid Danger, helping out Captain Man. So, he’s got to handle all the usual teen stuff, like school and friends, while also fighting bad guys on the side. It’s like having a double life, but Henry somehow makes it work, even if it means some crazy adventures along the way!  Below is how Jace Norman looks now.

Ray Manchester/Captain Man

Ray Manchester, aka Captain Man, is the superhero of Swellview in “Henry Danger.” Played by Cooper Barnes, he’s like the wise mentor to Henry Hart, helping him become Kid Danger. Ray was a scientist, making his story even more incredible. He’s not just a hero; he’s also a friend to Henry, and together, they face all sorts of bad guys. It’s all about teamwork, friendship, and fighting crime in Swellview!

Charlotte Page




Charlotte Page, played by Riele Downs in “Henry Danger,” is Henry’s smart and faithful best friend. She’s always there to help Henry and Captain Man fight crime, using her smarts and loyalty to save the day. Charlotte’s the secret weapon behind their adventures, proving that brains and loyalty can beat any villain!

Jasper Dunlop: Major Character in Henry Danger


Jasper Dunlop, played by Sean Ryan Fox in “Henry Danger,” is Henry’s goofy and super-loyal best buddy. Even though he’s not out there fighting crime like Henry and Charlotte, Jasper still manages to get caught up in funny situations with them. He’s the group’s comic relief, bringing laughs and adding extra flavour to their friendship adventures on the show. Characters in Henry Danger

Piper Hart

piper h

Piper Hart, played by Ella Anderson in “Henry Danger,” is Henry’s sassy and clever little sister. She’s always up to something mischievous, adding laughs and sibling rivalry to the show. Despite being younger, Piper doesn’t shy away from joining Henry’s adventures, teasing him. As the series progresses, she grows up, becoming essential to the Hart family’s fun dynamic.



Schwoz, played by Michael D. Cohen in “Henry Danger,” is a super-smart scientist and inventor. He’s from a rival town called “The Swellview Institute of Technology” but becomes friends with Captain Man and Kid Danger. With his unique accent and quirky personality, Schwoz brings lots of fun to the team. He’s the tech genius behind their gadgets, always ready to help out in their fight against villains. Schwoz adds humour and brains to their adventures, making him a vital part of the crime-fighting crew.


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