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“Damsel” is a captivating movie that has been gaining popularity on Netflix, especially after featuring Millie Bobby Brown from the popular series “Stranger Things”.

In a fantasy world, a young girl named Elodie finds herself betrothed to a charming prince from a wealthy kingdom. As Elodie embarks on her journey to marriage, events take a dark turn when her fairytale becomes entwined with a sinister ritual. The kingdom she enters believes that sacrificing her to a dragon will bring them prosperity, leaving Elodie to fend for herself.

“Damsel” seamlessly blends action, adventure, and romance, captivating viewers with its stunning visuals and compelling storyline. The characters are richly developed, and the actors, particularly Millie Bobby Brown, deliver outstanding performances. Overall, “Damsel” promises a fantasy adventure filled with suspense and romance, making it a must-watch for enthusiasts of the genre.

Cast: Millie Bobby Brown, Ray Winstone, Angela Bassett

Maturity Rating: 13+

Genre: Action & Adventure

Where Can I Watch Damsel

You can stream or download exclusive movies on Netflix. Choose a subscription plan that meets your preferences and budget. Once subscribed, you’ll have unlimited access to all shows and movies, including exclusive series. Select a plan and start enjoying Netflix content today!

How to Download Damsel

The Naijverse team has made all seasons and episodes of Blood & Water available for download. Follow the steps below to download the series.

  • Download and install the app “Telegram”
  • Join the Naijverse Channel
  • Click HERE to join 
  • Click the search button and type in the movie/series you want to download
  • Note: If you are using an iPhone, you can watch the Telegram movies/series by installing video player applications, we recommend VLC


In summary, If you’re a fan of stories featuring castles and heroic princesses, then this movie is a must-watch for you! And to keep the entertainment going, be sure to frequently visit our website for the latest movies and series that you can read about or download. Don’t miss out on any of the excitement!


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